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Product Description

One Balance System for All Patient Needs

Have you seen the evidence lately about the effectiveness of balance boards and foam surfaces ? Unstable surfaces are leading to unwavering results – reduced risk of sport specific injuries, increased core strength, improved muscle reaction times, decreased risk of falls, improved gait and mobility, increased proprioception and more.

Thera-Band Stability products, designed for people of all fitness levels, are the best solutions on the market for sports performance enhancement, balance training and rehabilitation. If your patients aren’t receiving the benefits of sensorimotor and proprioceptive training, we have simple, proven package to increase your breadth and effectiveness.

Thera-Band balance products include both soft stability tools (Stability Trainers and Stability Disc) and rigid stability tools (Rocker Board and Wobble Board). Their durable, lightweight construction makes all of these products user friendly, but their benefits extend much deeper than the surface.

Thera-Band Rocker and Wobble Boards comprise the rigid stability line and embody the higher end of the Thera-Band system of balance training. Unlike many competitors products, they are durable and light weight. Made of molded plastic, the round Wobble Board also offers security and versatility in the form of an anti-slip bottom and a texture top for additional proprioceptive input.


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